Once a Barge – Wigrid

The second album of the upcoming German dark folk project Once a Barge, after ‘Conditio Humana’. Most notable difference is that the sound has become more bombastic, with more orchestral and percussive elements.

Apparently the album has been inspired by the book ‘Der Weltuntergang’ from Ernst Halter and Martin Müller, and the related exhibition ‘Weltuntergang & Prinzip Hoffnung’ (Zürich, 1999). This apocalyptic theme clearly shows from the lyrics of Once a Barge. The albumtitle ‘Wigrid’ points to the legendary battlefield in Nordic mythology. The overall mood of the album is rather somber. Antonius sounds very honest, though he is not a very powerful singer.

The sound of Once a Barge has also become more varied. Acoustic folk is combined with classical elements and dark electronic backgrounds. Certainly a strong album, and a step forwards compared to the debut album. Some of the best tracks are probably ‘Revelations’ (with moody accordion), ‘Homo homini lupus’ (with militant percussion), the orchestral ‘Hildolf’ and the militant ‘Winternacht’.

artist: Once a Barge
label: Holzrûna
details: 12 tracks