One for Jude – Figures

One for Jude is a French band, ‘Figures’ is their first full-length album. They released a mcd earlier, from which two tracks are present here in a re-recorded version. Their style is not so easy to describe, One for Jude makes a rather pleasant mix of pop and 80’s wave, with some folky elements. Most songs are quite laid back, acoustic and atmospheric. Sometimes a gothic guitar can be heard. On various tracks, like ‘Sonic’ The Cure isn’t that far away. Special guests on this album are Pierre Ribaute (a famous accordeonist) and Eric Roger, known for his trumpet contributions to Sol Invictus and his project Gae Bolg. Their presence is most clear on the track ‘Refuge’, which is in my opinion the highlight on this album, with a great trumpet and accordeon finale. Further the album lacks songs that really stand out. Another point of criticism are the vocals, which miss power and variation, sounding a bit thin. But the band does show potential with this cd. Their sound isn’t very modern, but I’m sure they’re are enough people who can enjoy One for Jude.

artist: One for Jude
label: self-released