Ophelia`s Dream – Not a second time

After a promising debut album the German neoclassical formation Ophelia’s Dream impressed me in 2001 with the “Stabat Mater EP”, based on the work of Pergolesi. It took quite some years, but now the second album of Ophelia’s Dream has been released. And it certainly sounds as if they worked a long time on its creation, because “Not a second time” sounds very refined, with influences from classical, folk and medieval music.

The melodic framework is created by electronic means, but the dominant factors on this album are the romantic violins and cello and the lovely heavenly voices, both male and female. Most compositions are of their own hand, except ‘Interlude I’, which is adapted from Mussorgsky. The album has a romantic, ethereal, fairylike atmosphere.

Very nice is the rather medieval ‘De Torrente’ reminding me of Dead Can Dance. Other references that this album evokes are Stoa, Arcana and Love is Colder than Death. Most tracks are rather tranquil, except for my favourite piece the epic ‘Amica Mei’, which is subtly built up to a great majestic symphonic part. “Not a second time” is an excellent album, which no romantic soul should miss.

artist: Ophelia`s Dream
label: Kalinkaland Records
details: 14 tracks, 52 min., 2004