Opposition, The – Blinder

A few years ago the lp Breaking The Silence by the French 80’s postpunk band The Opposition was re-issued. The Dutch Red Sun Records label worked together on this release with the French Mrs. Jones label. This last label has now released a new record by the band.

There is not much left of the raw and doomy music the group played in the 80’s. Blinder sounds modern and hip. The new songs are warm, atmospheric and light psychedelic with often a jazzy feeling to them.

‘A Miracle’, for example, is an emotional song with a not so obvious song structure. The song ‘Mr. Jones’ has some clear trip-hop influences but is combined with rock and pop elements. All tracks are surprising in one way or another due to unexpected influences or elements. Despite some over the top emotional moments (‘Out There’) Blinder is a very good come-back record.

Only few bands are able to reinvent themselves like Opposition has done with this album.

artist: Opposition, The
label: mrsJones records
details: 11 tracks [mjr 020pp002]