Orange Sector – Für Immer Kalt Wie Stahl

Orange Sector is one of the old time EBM bands. They split up long time ago, but also came back together in 20004. First act then was a disc that was a retrospect, next was a full-length album, neither of these releases really got to me. But now there is this EP and the story is really different.

Two of the old tracks that are really important for Orange Sector “Für Immer” and “Kalt Wie Stahl” have been remixed, both by themselves as by others like Supreme Court and Ionic Vision. Next to these two tracks there are remixes of “Tanzbefehl”, a track from their last album and the new track “Volksmusik”.

Lars Felker and Martin Bodewel seem to have put their soul back into this disc. It is a disc that finally reaches the listener. Especially the fans of old-school EBM will enjoy this. DAF comes to mind on several occasions, but also Nitzer Ebb. The new track is a great track that really proves Orange Sector is back. The weakest point on this disc is “Tanzbefehl” no matter if one takes it minimal (Run Level Zero remix) or gives it a little bit of futurepop-twist (Supreme Court remix), the track just is not that interesting.

But enough about this one track, the rest of the album proves Orange Sector might be back. Let us hope they can go on this way.

artist: Orange Sector
label: Infacted Recordings
details: cd, 10 tracks, 2006