Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio – Make love and war: the wedlock of equilibrium

Shorty after Make love and war; the wedlock of roses appeared The wedlock of equilibrium, this time with a white cover. There is also a vinyl double album available that contains both records. The album has the same intro and outro as its predecessor, the style of the other tracks is comparable, only perhaps a bit more tranquil. On the wedlock of roses we could find a harsh track like ‘Liebe utopia’, but on this album the mood stays calm. That means more ritual folky songs, with again a few new pearls in their oeuvre, like ‘Harvesting the Crop…’ or ‘Rituals of Love..’

The usual themes like power and desire are present, and the booklet contains some nice fetishy pics of Tomas and his new partner in crime Rose-Marie Larsen. All in all an enjoyable album, again a bit short, but with some memorable tracks. A bit more variation would be welcome though on a next album… To end this review, a typical quotation from the song ‘Rituals of Love, in the Passage of Genocide / Song of rose’:
“War and sex has an intimate connection, seeing that the outburst of war extends the collated amplitude and variation of sexual activity amongst the affected populations.”

artist: Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio
label: Cold Meat Industry
details: 9 tracks