Organisation Toth – Follow the red örder

An obscure 10″ released by the French label Athanor. Organisation Toth, named after a NS-organization, is also a French act, coming from Marseille. I don’t know much about them, only that they released a 10″; on Athanor before, called ‘The voice of terror’. The record states that Organisation Toth consists of T.ESTUD .O.siris with Frater .Th. feat. The Spirit Of E.V.OL… This is a limited release, 100 were pressed with silver vinyl and 350 with green vinyl.
I find it extremely hard to describe this music, so I’ll quote the Middle Pillar catalogue: “Low-fi ritual sound, strange break beat ritual trance voodoo and analog Lavey-an church organ music”. Anyway, we’re dealing here with not so everyday music.
The first two tracks on side A, the ‘Lux side’, are rather minimal ritual pieces, a bit boring I must say. I like the last song on this side ‘Sounds of Fury’ a lot better, this track is much noisier. Side B, the ‘Tenebrae side’, ‘The Blood Frequency’, an interesting piece with organ, layers of sounds and sampled vocals. The following tracks is a rather minimal ambinet piece, and the last track’ Dark Voices for the end’ brings us a a wall of distorted sounds. Maybe I’ll have to listen to this record more often, but so far it hasn’t convinced me yet.

artist: Organisation Toth
label: Athanor
details: 10', 6 tracks, green vinyl