Orphx – Circuitbreaking

The opening track of this record says a lot about the music on this new Orphx release. ‘Signal to Noise’ is what you hear when listening to Circuitbreaking. This record begins with a pulsating sound with radio signals in the background (‘Signal to Noise’) and evolves into a technoïd noise (‘Critical Mass’).

This last song has a sort of tribal feeling to it, like the music of This Morn’ Omina. But for the rest the music is better to be compared with that of Gridlock (like on their Formless album). Orphx also produces technoïd music with clear industrial undertones, but mostly with more concrete rhythms and structures as Gridlock. Circuitbreaking combines however in the same way atmospheric sounds and moods with harsh rhythms as Gridlock did on Formless.

It may be clear that this new Orphx album is of the same high quality you might expect from this act, and the Hymen label. Circuitbreaking is both an interesting as well as an accessible album.

artist: Orphx
label: Hymen
details: cd/lp, 10/5 tracks [?738/?047 ]