Orplid -­ Sterbender Satyr

Since many years Orplid is a steady force in the neo-folk scene. The band has been evolving ever since their first release. This new album, Sterbender Satyr, is another step in their evolution. Just recently Frank Macher also released an album with his project Primus Inter Pares on Eis & Licht. It has to be mentioned that the 80’s new wave sound and mood of that record is also present on this new work he did with Orplid.

Still this new Orplid is darker then the Primus Inter Pares cd and has more acoustic elements. The acoustic guitar can be heard on a beautiful track like ‘Auf Deine Augen Senk Ich Schlummer’. Next to that that are many synth parts and electronic rhythms that are reminiscent of 80’s new wave and cold wave. This is very evident in ‘Erster Frost’ and ‘Heimkehr’.

Most of the time the electronics stay rather subtle and the acoustic elements are given a prominent place amongst them. Very nice is for example the Spanish guitar on ‘Amils Abendgebet’. A track like this still has the same flow as ‘Sang am Abend’ which has a lot in common with music by The Cure during their Faith period.

Sterbender Satyr is a must have for any fan of melancholy and moody music, both new wave and neo-fok style. Orplid show they are still on top of the genre and dare to look into new (and old) directions. This is one of the best albums I have heard recently.

artist: Orplid
label: Auerbach
details: cd, 11 tracks, [AB014]