Othila – Elements

After the excellent 10″ “Yula” on Divine Comedy Records, I did not hesitate to obtain the previous Othila release “Elements”, when I got the chance to trade some cd’s with someone. “Yula” contained an original mixture of dark ambiance, heavy percussion, sacred choirs and bagpipes. Alternating atmospheric and bombastic. This debut album has far less of a martial/bombastic sound. Perhaps I could call it tribal ambient. Some references are Temps Perdu?, Morthound and Rapoon.

Hypnotizing percussion, ‘ethnic’ and nature sounds, a mysterious atmosphere. At times ritual chants can be heard. The album takes you to hidden places deep in the forest, surrounded by ancient trees, on a misty morning. A spiritual album dedicated to mother nature, with five tracks, dedicated to the five runic elements: brume, fire, earth, air, and water. Not as instantly impressive as the “Yula” record, but an interesting album if you give it time to grow on you. I’m off to the woords now…

artist: Othila
label: Divine Comedy Records
details: [DC013]