Othila – Yula

Othila is a French act, which earlier released a cd on Divine Comedy Records. This 10″ contains 3 brandnew tracks, and they are excellent!

‘Acte I’ of “Yula” contains an original mixture of dark ambiance, heavy percussion, sacred choirs and bagpipes. Ranging from militant and martial to moody atmospheres, this is powerful stuff. ‘Acte II’ is an eerie mixture of ambient and classical, with the sound of ravens and bad weather. ‘Acte III’ has a similar sound as the first track, with bagpipes, bells, forceful drums and dramatic choirs, with spoken words added.

There are some nice photos of rock formations on the cover, and the insert sheet contains a long French text, amongst others about ‘le vent’. Some background information about “Yula”: ‘Another old tradition also has survived, passed on father to son for generations untold, is the rite every born daughter of Britannia has to pass when reaching her 12th anniversary. This is a rite of wisdom and strenght, marking the passage from childhood to womanhood, and an hommage to the godess Yula…”

Othila, consisting of John Doe and Lionel G., has certainly impressed me with this record!

artist: Othila
label: Divine Comedy Records
details: 10' (lim. 500 copies) [DC027]