OTX – Escape

Brume records seems to be one of the many labels that covers the space between industrial and dance music. Their latest CD is by a project called OTX.

On this CD we find a mixture of industrial beats, more dance like tunes and slight drones, voices and samples. Although it is not a bad record, it is certainly not very original or extremely well produced. In short, it is a bit (too) marginal.

The press release talks about influences of Pierre Schaeffer, Philip Glass, Orbital, Autechre, Aphex Twin and many other original and well known acts. I do not recognize any of the influences mentioned, since the grand denominator of these artists seems to be that they were highly influential because of their technological skills and musical insights. Both of these important factors seem to be missing on this release, which makes me conclude that the press release is way too pretentious.

The best tracks on the record are the remixes by Oil10 and Displacer, two French acts that have released some excellent records on labels such as M-tronic and Vacuum.

artist: OTX
label: Brume Records
details: 13 tracks [Brume 11] 2004