Ovro – Gegendurchgangenzeit

An album that was never planned, but has been released nonetheless. This surely must have a story to it, and that’s correct. While Ovro was busy working on an EP, other pieces of music kept coming up, she put a few of these pieces on a disc, with a pressing of 1. She didn’t keep this herself but gave it to Niko Skorpio, labelboss of Some Place Else, where she has released music before. He convinced her to release the album officially.

Where previous material by Ovro was very minimalist (the debut was only a voice and a microphone, where small, inaudible details were enlarged), this approach has been replaced by one that still is not very full, but that offers a fuller palette of tones nonetheless. The dark ambient on this disc will still be too minimalist for many. Especially the opening tracks, where sounds of wind are combined with very tranquil and soft drones. As the album progresses, more variation enters the stage, with sounds we know from industrial to church bells and cartoon-fish blubs.

The tracktitles are, as is more often the case with this kind of music, just a guide to let oneself be taken along by the music. The track titles themselves are in German, as the feeling of the album, to Ovro, came close to a German silent era movie, where the tracknames are the inner-titles. The cover of the booklet has been done with this same theme in mind.

Nevertheless, this disc deserves some attention by those who enjoy somewhat more minimalist dark ambient. A disc that is a pleasant listen (when you turn up the volume because it has been recorderd darned soft), nothing more, nothing less. Recommend for fans of Sleep Research Facility and LULL.

artist: Ovro
label: Some Place Else
details: 7 tracks, 40 min, 2005 [specd05034]