Pan American – Memorize

Pan American is Marc Nelson, also known for his work with Labradford, one of the big Kranky acts. Solo as Pan American Marc Nelson has produced several beautiful records, in which he slowly steps away from the post-rock roots, and dives into electronic music.

This record on the extremely exclusive and highly acclaimed En/Of label comes as a 12“, packed with a piece of art. I must admit, I can’t say anything about the artwork myself, as I was only able to buy the 12“ without it. So I will stick to the music only.

The music is everything you would expect from Pan American. Layers of soft guitars acompanied by perfectly fitting electronic beatstructures and seemingly random noises. As always everything blends into dreamy tracks, together adding up to a great 12“. It seems that on this record Pan American takes a step back from the very electronic sound he used on “The river made no sound“ You will hear more traditional (post) rock sounds such as organs and guitars again. Calle Tipica could have even been a Labradford or Stars of the Lid track. It’s a pleasure hearing the different sides of Marc Nelson blending into one record so perfectly.

But there is one big ‘but’. It leaves you wanting for more. Much more. After releasing tracks on several compilation albums and a 7“ this 12“ is again too short. Lets hope there will be a full length album again soon, so that you don’t have to switch records just when you are starting to dream away.

artist: Pan American
label: En/Of
details: 12', 4 tracks [En/Of 012]