Parzival – Noblesse oblige

Parzival is a Russian band that fuses bombastic sounds with some more atmospheric elements. They already released two cd’s, but last year at the Wave Gotik Treffen the band introduced themselves to a broader audience. This new lp is released on the Eis & Licht label which is known for its dark folk music, so a different type of release than usual for the label.

On this record heavy bombastic rhythms are combined with poppy and light beats like the almost hip-hop like rhythms on the tracks ‘Neff’ and ‘Diebische Nacht’. This combination may sound weird but makes the tracks very suitable for the dancefloor. These rhythms are fused with melodic synth sounds and samples of real instruments, like strings and bells.

Probably the vocal part is something some people will have to get used to. The singer has a very low, and operatic like, voice. At first it sounds a bit strange but it fits very well with the music.

This record is very much recommended to fans of Leger des Heils, Dernière Volonté and Der Blutharsch.

artist: Parzival
label: Eis & Licht
details: 8 tracks [Eis036/LIBOO3LP]