Passion Play – Dreaming Spike

Passion Play is a UK based (goth) rock band that plays music that has its roots in the 80’s new wave sound. Certainly acts like The Mission UK and The Cult have paved the way for Passion Play. This doesn’t mean Passion Play sounds old fashioned. Their music sounds very up to date due to their powerful playing style.

“Dreaming Spikes” is their second album, which is like their first album “Stress Fractures”, filled with 80’s influenced guitar songs. Only the songs on this album are better structured and feature much better guitar melodies. The typical 80’s sound is characterized by the melancholy and atmospheric feeling the songs have. Next to that are the wonderful vocal parts that are done in a warm and emotional way, but are never over the top. At times the vocals are very close to later day Depeche Mode, as on The Missing Link. Songs like the powerful Leaving and the Placebo-like (!) An Algesia display the bands writing skills. And, a song like Your Talons wouldn’t have out of place on the first Cocteau Twins album. It seems as if new wave never died (a few of us always have known this to be true).

The Mission UK is releasing a new album soon but anyone interested in guitar music with an 80’s feeling to it just has to listen to Passion Play. Watch out for Dreaming Spikes and a follow up album next year.

artist: Passion Play
label: Perimeter