People`s Republic of Europe, The – Among the Ruins

Our red comrades are back in town, after doing top secret research in the bulb area! The Peoples Republic of Europe, undemocratically led by two active apparatsjik of the Dutch dark underground music scene, have mobilised all friends of the party for their parade, full of military display of power and stimulating speeches. TPROE treats us to classic rhyhmic industrial on ‘Desolator [Parade I]’, which is very powerful. This will teach the people! ‘Speakertrasher’ is another blast for the industrial dancefloor, with hammering metal percussion. ‘Aomg the ruins’ is a minimal dark ambient soundscape, with sampled commie vocals on top. Unfortunately I haven’t practised my Russian lately.

‘Axis of Evil’ is a monotonous industrial track, sounding like workers using hitting their hammers in steel factories. Then a nasty piece of powernoise follows in ‘Redeemer [parade II]. Don’t know if ‘Land speed record’ has anything to do with Hüsker Dü? It is certainly not as poppy, but a dark ambient creation. ‘Jaruzelski’, the general who was president of Poland in the 80’s, had a hard time keeping the striking workers quiet, which is possibly reflected by the harsh and cold track. ‘Resistance’ is, despite its title, a tranquil soundscape, indeed it is perhaps better to plan your revolutions silently. The final track is a real hammer: ‘Stalin, Freund und Genosse’, blasting beats and hard percussion. I can’t imagine that the proletariat doesn’t move to this!

Certainly a band to check out if you’re into harsh and monotonous rhythmic industrial and powernoise mixed with some political propaganda, but don’t worry, their releases are available at democratic prices. And they are regulary roaming the Dutch party assemblies, so people throughout the country can be educated. Are you ready for a new conservative bolshevist revolution?

artist: People`s Republic of Europe, The
label: New Darkness Recordings
details: 11 tracks (ND33)