People`s Republic of Europe, The – Juche

The Peoples Republic Of Europe is a Dutch project that produces industrial, noise, power electronics and dark ambient with communist / Stalinist references. Thus the band could be seen as a sort of harsher Laibach with a fascination for Stalin.

After an intro, which is a sampled political party song, it is mainly electronic noise that you can expect. At times the music is very minimal and even simplistic (‘Juche’) but there are some more exciting moments on the cd (‘Discipline’).

The band has to work on a true sound of their own as not all material is very strong, original and creative. It is easy to hear that PAL and some other harsher Ant-Zen acts have influenced the sound of The Peoples Republic Of Europe.

But it has to be said that this band has potential. Juche shows that The Peoples Republic Of Europe could become a great Dutch industrial act when they give themselves some time to work on their music and ideas.

artist: People`s Republic of Europe, The
label: New Darkness Recordings
details: 11 tracks, 511 copies [nd42]