Peter Synthetik – Captain Berlin

This 12” is a soundtrack for a film by Jörg Buttgereit. He was a filmmaker in Berlin in the eighties who worked with the Super 8 format. A short film by him is featured on the Super Berlin 80 box.

On this 12” there are three versions of the same song, entitled ‘Captiain Berlin’. The original version (1982) is a nice piece of pulsating minimalism and will attract a good crowd on the dancefloor. There is also a live version (from 1984), which is a little harsher and more monotonous, somewhat like early DAF.

The B-side is filled with a twelve minutes long remix from 1983. This mix has elektro elements in it like vocoder vocals and a clearer beat. Although this remix is still in the typical 80’s style I prefer the original version and the live version. Maybe also because of the duration of the remix.

Captain Berlin is a nice cult piece like you can expect from Kernkrach. Nice to see there is now more attention for other artists from the 80’s then just musicians. Even though this 12” is still just a music product.

artist: Peter Synthetik
label: Kernkrach
details: 12”, 3 tracks [KRACH013]