PFFR – Injustice Center

PFFR is a weird electronic and anarchistic sounding popgroup from the US. The group plays freaked out minimal electro. Jumping basslines and difficult rhythms are shaped into unusual song structures. This record is far from dancefloor friendly. Even when a song starts normal this is only for a short moment of time. PFFR surprises the listener with weird intermezzos, like in ‘Sacajaweahhh’, or noise eruptions, as in ‘Phit Psonique’.

There is a wide variety in forms and styles on this eight track lp. One song sounds a bit like Beck, while another is more like The Moldy Peaches, but of course from an electro angle. Despite this Injustice Center is a cohesive record with a sound of its own.

The French Invasion Planete label has with this record, again, released something very special. If there would be one electro act that makes art music it is PFFR. Injustice Center is wayward and original.

artist: PFFR
label: Invasion Planète
details: 8 tracks [IP015]