PFFR – United We Doth

PFFR is a very weird formation. This band from the US has recently released a 7” single and an lp on the French minimal elektro label Invasion Planete. Although their music fits the labels profile with a little imagination it is still a somewhat weird act amongst the other bands the label hosts. But it is even a greater surprise that this cd opens with a track on which gangsta rapper Snoop Dogg collaborated.

For the greater part United We Doth consists of tracks that were featured on the Injustice Center lp and the N.E.S.S. Obscur single. This makes up for a cd filled with freaky, neurotic and arty electronic creations, these tracks can hardly be called songs. The music varies from hard to digest (‘Total Dicks’) to catchy art pop (‘Party Ice’). There are also two videos on the cd. They are made with a cut-up attitude in a somewhat pop art style, so expect some weirdness.

PFFR creates strange but outstanding music. Think about Captain Beefheart versus Chicks On Speed and you might get a vague idea of how this music sounds. A must have for adventurous listeners.

artist: PFFR
label: Birdman Records
details: [BMR 044]