Phallus über Alles – Iron Woman

If you thought Digital Hardcore was no longer produced, you aren’t awake. Phallus über Alles proves it is a genre that is still alive and kicking. This project fuses electronic punk music with feminist lyrics. Of course the music sounds aggressive and activistic.
Loud and hectic beats with screamed vocals are the trademark of Digital Hardcore, so also for this record. Even though Phallus über Alles have got a new thematical angle, the music stays true to the original concept of its style. Also there are some dancefloor anthems on the album like ‘Cunts for cash’, ‘Cockpit and ‘Buzzbox’ that will please both industrial and punk fans.
As said there is nothing new to the music on Iron Woman, but this record is a very solid one in the genre.

artist: Phallus ?ber Alles
label: Fatal Recordings
details: 15 tracks [FATAL6]