Phantom Limbs, The – Applied Ignorance

Alternative Tentacles is well known for its punk rock output. Applied Ignorance the debut album by The Phantom Limbs is no standard piece of punk music. This band plays a surprising sort of post-punk music. Their sound is very chaotic and has a lot of spooky undertones like horror-punk acts used to have. Another distinctive aspect of their sound is the use of a somewhat 60’s sounding organ instead of the standard synthesizer.

Next to post-punk and new wave influences there are also very clear 80’s punk elements in the music. Due to this The Phantom Limbs will appeal to both punk
audience and a part of the post-punk and deathrock, in the Cinema Strange style for example, fans. Applied Ignorance is a good and surprising
debut album. I am already looking out to a sequel.

artist: Phantom Limbs, The
label: Alternative Tentacles
details: 10 tracks. Virus 263 (2001)