Phobetor – Messages from a dead channel

Phobetor is an ambient/industrial project of Jason McCrimmon, based in Ontario, Canada. This is the fifth cdr he created since 2002, so a productive artist. On “Messages from a dead channel”, he offers us 6 untitled tracks, lasting about 25 minutes. They can be described as noisy and mysterious soundscapes. Phobetor manages to create an oppressive sound, with a very cold and dark atmosphere, by means of dark drones, noisy sounds and high frequencies, sometimes with the help of frightening voice samples. The music is quite monotonous, though strange effects keep on popping up in the background. Some tracks are quite atmospheric, others sound more dense and noisy, reminding of desolate factories. I can certainly recommend dark ambient lovers to listen to this stuff, you can hear quite some Phobetor material online or order one of his cheap cdr’s.

artist: Phobetor
label: self-released