Phragments – Homo Homini Lvpvs

The barbed wire on the cover betrays that this won’t be a peaceful release. And indeed, this cd-r by Phragments has a clear apocalyptic and martial atmosphere. It’s the first full-length album of this one-man project from Slovakia after some shorter attempts.

The eight tracks in general have a (synthetic) orchestral neoclassical approach, with pounding percussion and atmospheric synth layers underneath. The music is mostly instrumental, with a few speech samples and choirs added, notably on the ritual ‘Community-identity-stability’.

The sound on Homo Homini Lvpvs is quite bombastic and will appeal to lovers of the more orchestral Swedish acts. A track like ‘Pangean hymn’ is very heavy and militaristic. Other tracks sound more like oppressive industrial soundscapes, for example ‘The cogwheel turns’.

The musical style of Phragments is not entirely original, but I think the music is well executed. Some tracks are a bit monotonous, but overall this is a very enjoyable release which is limited to only 150 copies in special packaging.

artist: Phragments
label: Construct.Destroy.Collective
details: cdr, 2005 [CDC006]