PIA fRAUS – Spontaneous ventilator combustion

A little while ago the first concert in a long time by the Belgian band PIA fRAUS took place in Utrecht at our GRUIS party. For this special occasion the band has released the live registration of the concert. The whole set of about one hour has been put to cd. Most songs are from the latest album The Esthetics of the Spot. Other songs the band played were from the first album, one new song and a cover/song from the side-project The Frozen Park.

This live document gives a nice impression of the atmosphere and intensity of the concert. The dynamic aspect of the music PIA fRAUS plays, with harsh industrial/noisy parts and atmospheric ambient-like structures, is well caught on the disc and sounds convincing.

The chemistry between the musicians/instruments is very good, with a important role for the live played electronic drums/percussion, the samples and the vocal treatments. Only a few electronic artists have a convincing live sound/act, PIA fRAUS is one of them. Try to see and hear this band perform live when they play somewhere near you in the future.

artist: PIA fRAUS
label: self-released
details: live cd