PIA fRAUS – The Esthetics of the Spot

This cd had almost disappeared from my attention. It had been lying around at my home for quite some time before I actually listened to it. Luckily “The esthetics of the Spot” didn’t get lost, because this record is one not to be missed. PIA fRAUS themselves claim to produce elektro-industrial but I think they do themselves an injustice to say this. Their music has much more to it than most contemporary elektro-industrial acts. For example I have never heard such acts produce a song as weird and crazy as ‘Es Wird eine Geschichte von Riesen sein’. This song is a mixture of harsh pounding beats and Legendary Pink Dots-like weirdness. Besides that the song is very well constructed with a nice tension building up to explosive parts of harsh, distorted and loud dance music.

Another outstanding track is ‘Drops, Splashes, Strokes and Lashes’ which has a sort of dEUS feeling to it. The beats again are harsh and distorted and are reminiscent of early day Covenant (the Swedish electro act not the metal band). The album as a whole is divided between more danceable tracks and soundscape like pieces. This way the record sort of tells a story and is very pleasant to listen to.

Although “The Esthetics of the Spot” is very loud at some points there is also always a poppy feeling to it. Maybe because of that this album is so addictive.
Anyway PIA fRAUS have produced a small noise pop masterpiece.

artist: PIA fRAUS
label: Hautefumeur