Pilori – Zeit des Lichts

Pilori, consisting of the duo Marion Urbach and Gernot Musch, have created a new cd. “Zeit des Lichts” is their third album, after “Feuilles Tombantes” and “… and when the twilight’s gone”. In my opinion it has become a piece of work with a lot of atmosphere, feelings and melancholy. Musically it is a very folky album, with a prominent role for the acoustic guitar. Most songs are rather tranquil, with a few more uptempo pieces, like ‘Snake and Rune’. The male vocals by Gernot are good, but I find Marion’s voice wonderful.

Highlights of the cd are the title track ‘Die zeit des Lichts’, ‘Fly’ (which already impressed me at their concerts), ‘Snake and Rune’ and ‘Die zeit des W├Âlfe’. But the other songs on the album are certainly convincing, except for ‘Todos=nada’, which has some irritating repetion. Very nice on the album is the variation in languages. ‘Tranquilidad’ is sang in Spanish, whereas ‘Tombstones’ has lyrics alternating in English and French (the language wich Marion has studied). ‘Que je dorme’ is a French song, based on the poetry of Louis Aragnon. It is followed by ‘Precatio Milis’, based on a traditional German prayer for the dying.
If you ask me, Pilori has created a nice gem with this album.

artist: Pilori
label: Trisol
details: 12 tracks, 41 minutes