Pimentola – MM – MMV

Pimentola is a still little-known Finnish bombastic neo-folk act. On this album everything which Lempo, the guy behind Pimentola, released with Pimentola from 2000 onwards is collected. One new track and one (the first ever) remix are added.

On this record you can clearly hear the progress Pimentola made. From the very bombastic and orchestral sound on the first demo (tracks 9 to 14 on this release) and the outro, that was released on the “Defend The Palace” compilation, to the darker and more soundscape-like sounds on the later demo and the new track “Kuoleiden Kieli”.

The cd opens with this latest demo, that already was reviewed on Funprox before, so I’ll leave you to read that review, suffice to say I do like these tracks. The new track again seems to take a step closer to dark-industrial and away from the very orchestral music. It knows how to grow on the listener slowly and then surprise with a break. If this is the way Pimentola is evolving, some very good things may indeed await.

The remix of the untitled track II, by Älymystö can not really interest me, it takes all the more prominent sounds away from the tracks and leaves the dark backbone, makes this some more threatening, but without impressing the listener with a really dark sound or pure beauty.

The old demo is next on the record and is as already noted very orchestral, more folky, sometimes medieval in nature. Very synth-based, where original instruments might have had a better sound, it’s cold, but well-thought-out music. This same basicly goes for the horn-driven outro of this cd.

Though this is not really an album as much as it is a collection, it surely shows an act that might grow, an act that already has done some wonderful stuff.

artist: Pimentola
label: Twilight Records
details: 2005, 15 tracks