Pimentola – Tuoni Pauloo Tiukoin Sitein

A cute 3″ mcd in a nice blue sleeve with three tracks from Pimentola, with over 20 minutes fo music. I got to know this Finnish act through their romantic classical outro on the Defend the Palace compilation. On this mcd with the difficult title you will also find classical sounds and samples, but of a much darker and more bombastic nature.

Especially the deep horn sounds and heavy percussion, combined with classical loops and a commanding speech sample give the monotonous first track a warlike character. Fans of Toroidh, Allerseelen or Karjalan Sissit will certainly be interested in this music. The second track is quite different, with a deep ritual and hypnotic percussive element and ‘ethnic’ sounds. It makes me think of some older Staalplaat releases, like Internal Fusion. A bit too hectic and fast though for my taste at times. ‘III’ then again has a bombastic classical sound, which starts quite minimal with a heavy horn loop, but which gets more dimensions as the track evolves, with impressive choirs, multi-layered rhythms and samples.

‘Tuoni Pauloo Tiukoin Sitein’ is certainly an interesting release, which makes curious for a whole album of Pimentola. If this act evolves further it can perhaps reach the same league as some of the bigger names in the martial genre.

artist: Pimentola
label: War Office Propaganda
details: mcd, 3 tracks