Polygon – Beyond nothing

I recently obtained this 7″ single, to complete my Polygon collection. It was actually the first Polygon release, in 1998 on White Head, a division of A & T Records. The single comes in a nice foldout B & W paper sleeve, and contains a postcard and an insert sheet with info. Polygon is the project of Ingo Lindmeier, who was formerly active in Mortal Constraint.

The A-side contains the track ‘Approximation’. It is a cold and slow electro piece, with Dive-like vocals. The style and mood is not so far removed from “The Legend of Deformation”, the only Mortal Constraint album. A very nice track.
Side B, with the instrumental composition ‘Beyond nothing’, is more of a taster for later Polygon releases. It starts with some very dark ambient sounds. It then evolves into a fine atmospheric electronic soundscape, with some unexpected electronic percussion. Filmic as always .This nice single can still be ordered through the present label of Polygon, polymorphrecords.de.

artist: Polygon
label: White Head Records
details: 7', 2 tracks