Polygon – Images

This is release no. 6 on the small Polymorph label, which releases so far are characterized by high quality ambient music and a lot of attention for the design and packaging. This new cd from Polygon comes in a nice, mainly white digipack, looking more minimal than previous releases. Can the same be said of the music?

Well, not really, the sounds and spheres are comparable with earlier releases, mainly soundscapes that sound rather spacy, with original sounds and bleeps. The main difference with for instance their earlier Omnon cd is that more beats are present on this album. Not that I would call this danceable music, but rhythms play a more important role. Perhaps the electro past of Polygon (their former project Mortal Constraint) has something to do with this. I must say that this development is not a bad one, the variation between ambient pieces and parts in which beats play a dominant role works out fine.

Inside the digipack no more than two sentences can be found: ‘Close your eyes…’ and ‘Thanks to all the images’. This is indeed very filmic music, an imaginary soundtrack of a film you can create in your own fantasy… I don’t think it will be an action movie, more a journey of an hour, taking you from landscape to landscape…

The last song, ‘Image’, is a remix by Type (former member of Abscess), with very good results. promising for the future, because Polygon and Type will do more work together…

artist: Polygon
label: Polymorph
details: digipack limited to 900 copies, 10 tracks, 58 minutes