Polygon – Omnon

One of the members of the legendary electro band Mortal Constraint, Ingo Lindmeier, is also involved in another project called Polygon from which now a limited 2-cd set is released. It comes in a very special and beautiful package, which contains the 2 cd’s and interesting photographic artwork and accompanying texts.

The music is a mixture of dark ambient soundcollages, pieces of filmmusic and parts of songstructures. Many samples are used, from movies and more environmental sources. Each cd (respectively called Blackeye and Purpose), contains 7 long soundscapes from about 10 minutes each, called scape1, scape2 etc.

It’s hard to pick individual tracks for review, but as a whole I can say that this project creates fascinating atmospheres, with surprising sounds. After listing for some time this music really works for me. I hope we can expect more aural and visual design from Polygon and Polymorph in the future…

artist: Polygon
label: Polymorph