Polyspace – Tactual sense

Polyspace is a collaboration of Polygon and For a Space. If you know both these bands, this first remark should say enough, because the music this project offers can be described as a perfect fusion between them. A fusion in which dark ambient meets idm, filmic strings and piano tones go hand in hand with high-tech sterile sounds and mechanical electronic beats are being varied by complex drum’n’ bass rhythms.

Polygon (Ingo Lindmeier) already did some nice collaborations with Arbre Noir and Halbschlaf for his excellent dark ambient series on the Polymorph label. For a Space (Sebastian Ullmann) had a successful release with “Welcome 4000” on Daniel Meier’s Basic Unit Productions, while recently Funkwelten re-released his great debut “Secrets behind” on high demand.

Through “Tactual Sense” these two talented composers present us with a sometimes exciting, sometimes relaxing electronic listening experience. Obviously the co-operation brought in creativity and inspiration: there’s a lot of variation in and between the tracks, without loosing some sort of unity due to the futuristic atmosphere and stunning soundproduction. Despite the fact that the individual music of Polygon and For a Space can be rather different, it seems like Polyspace consists of one artist. Where some ‘intelligent’ music can require straining listening, this album keeps the attention naturally. Dreamy strings, melancholic melodies and cool bass lines prevent the complicated tracks from getting too abstract.

Ingo and Sebastian did a great job and show how joining forces can evolve in something even more beautiful.

artist: Polyspace
label: Funkwelten
details: 12 tracks, 68 min. [fw004]