Porn.Darsteller – Le Pardon Des Offences/Forgiveness of Sin

Porn.Darsteller normally releases its music on the French Invasion Planete label. After It & My Computer he is the second act of this label that has a release on the Dutch Crème Organization. This 12” opens with a brilliant cover version of Nights in White Satin by The Moody Blues. Slow (analogue) beats, a sleazy melody and a gothic sounding synth chorus make this 12” an instant hit.

Luckily the rest of the record is also of high quality. Porn.Darsteller knows, just as It & My Computer, how to produce authentic analogue elektro that still has a poppy and modern feeling to it. ‘Shunt’ and ‘Fly anywhere’ are perfect examples of how good contemporary elektro should sound without losing its touch and respect for the European tradition. A great release!

artist: Porn.Darsteller
label: Crème Organization
details: 12', 5 tracks [crème 12-12 / love crème 01]