Post Scriptvm – Chiaroscvro

The second release of this dark ambient project from NYC, after a decent debut on Somnambulant Corpse. With ‘Chiaroscvro’ Post Scriptvm again delivers a solid release filled with darkest sounds. This new mini cd, with over 20 minutes of music, is released by the new Italian label Stridulum Recordings, which focuses mainly on ‘unconventional sounds and noises’. This is the second release of the label, after the excellent album by Apatheia, which I will review later this week.

The first track on ‘Chiaroscvro’ is a short introductory piece, with vague industrial rumblings and more ritual and exotic sounds, directly creating a lot of atmosphere. The second of the apparently untitled tracks is a fine piece of very dark ambient, with deep drones. Hidden in the background various machine-like sounds can be heard. Low whispered male vocals fill in the voids. As the track evolves it gets noisier and more industrial, taking you deeper into the factory. The bass becomes so low that my speakers tremble. Track 3 is another short atmospheric piece, going further where track 1 left. Towards the end it gets rather nightmarish through the distorted otherwordly voices. Finally there is a 10-minute track, which is a good piece of death ambient, dark and scary, with some sudden turns. Don’t listen to it when you’re home alone…

artist: Post Scriptvm
label: Stridulum Recordings
details: 3" cdr, 4 tracks, 21 min. lim. to 100 copies [str-002]