Post Scriptvm – Gauze

I only knew this act from the Outsider compilation (see earlier review), now they have released their debut cdr in a nice looking dvd box. Post Scriptvm from Brooklyn creates a dark ambient landscape. A dark soundscape with diabolical laughter and twisted choirs immediately gives you an uneasy feel. Track two, ‘Trepan’, sounds more industrial, with noisy distortion, metal percussion and weird sampled voices, reminding me a little of Megaptera.. ‘On the brink’ is rather minimal, but its low frequencies cause trouble for my loudspeakers… ‘Pore’ starts with the sound of an alarm-signal, perhaps warning for an very dark ambient track. ‘The binding’ really is an unnerving, painful piece. ‘Vox calamantis’ starts with some underwater sounds, and then evolves into a very nice soundscape, with a lot of tension. ‘Gentle diversions’ lasts over 7 minutes, with strange scraping sounds, a storm blowing, low frequencies and staggering rhtyhms.

This debut of Post Scriptym is of pretty high quality, with a good combination of ambient and industrial elements. The music on this cdr has enough variation and a fine dark atmosphere. You can listen to some of the music on the band’s page.

artist: Post Scriptvm
label: Somnambulant Corpse
details: 7 tracks, 36 minutes