Post Scriptvm – Marginal Existence

In a wonderful, special cardboard packaging with great, yet macabre artwork comes this album by Post Scriptvm, which I knew from earlier recordings on Somnambulant Corpse and Stridulum Recordings. This time the project from New York has found shelter at the French label Hermetique, which earlier brought us Propergol amongst others. Post Scriptvm really has evolved on this album, filled with noisy ambient and death industrial or whatever you like to call it.

The music is dense and claustrophobic, making you long for an entrance. The tracks are thick and heavy, though not very rhythmic and melodic. There’s lots of distorted machinery and rumbling low noises going on, with suffocated voices in the background, unpleasant harsh sounds and various samples to enhance the atmosphere. The eight tracks are very solid and create an uncomfortable, ominous environment. There’s also enough variation, thick and gritty noise creations are combined with bleak drone and sample-based soundscapes. A consistent, worthwhile album by Post Scriptvm.

artist: Post Scriptvm
label: Hermetique
details: 8 tracks, 44 min, 2005 [h - cd 04]