Potentia Animi – Das Erste Gebet

There is a little story behind this release. This album was planned to be released on Stars in the Dark/Vielklang. Vielklang suffered some serious financial problems and so the record was rejected before the actual distribution began. Luckily this album is released now on the new medieval label Staupa Records, who also work with Corvus Corax. Luckily, because it is a real treat for fans of medieval music.

Potentia Animi has a rather heavy sound but not based on bagpipes like Corvus Corax. The album features also some more tranquil pieces on which the band proves their musical skills.

Many tracks are however real dancefloor anthems like ‘Bruder Titus’, ‘Gloria’and ‘Herrscher’. These songs are full of energy. Still a medieval atmosphere is kept intact due to the acoustic sounds. Tracks like ‘Me Novarem’ and ‘Ballade von den 3 Suendern’ display the more peaceful side of Potentia Animi.

Now this album has finally seen the light it will most likely become a big hit in the medieval and gothic scene. It is a solid and entertaining record.

artist: Potentia Animi
label: Staupa Musica
details: 14 tracks, 2004 [VK03218-2]