PPF / ICK – Collectivistes / Individualistes

Two French projects from the industrial underground have teamed up for this limited piece of vinyl, which was released somewhere last year. Side A contains two pieces by PPF and four tracks by I-C-K, while the other side of the record contains four collaborative efforts.

The two acts combine old-fashioned raw industrial and minimal wave/electro elements, let’s roughly say between Throbbing Gristle and Absolute Body Control. Now and then things get a little violent with some heavy distorted vocals. A good example is the first track by PPF, ‘La Grande Colère’, which combines agression with a nice melody, though 10 minutes is perhaps a little too long.

This release has an uncomprising unpolished, rather lo-fi sound. Nevertheless the tracks are not inaccessible, due to elements like the dry rhythms which make you nod your head, the melodic analogue synth (for instance in one of my favourite pieces ‘Déchéance Transparence’) or the cool spacy bleeps in ‘All this solitude destroys me’. This record is quite a pleasure to listen to with its cold, nostalgic atmosphere.

artist: PPF
label: Steelwork Maschine
details: LP, 10 tracks, 500 copies (2005)