Prisoner Of Love / Funken – Split EP

Heckengäu is building up a good reputation with releases focusing on the darker side of electronics, mainly electro related. This new split 12” treats you with beautiful melancholy electro(nic) sounds from Prisoner Of Love and Italo influenced spacey electro from Funken.

Two of the three tracks by Funken are very suitable for the dancefloor. Both ‘Sub-Smash’ and Upgradethebrain’ heave a clear rhythm, but there is also lots of attention payed to the moods of these tracks. The sounds and melodies are worked out very well.

Prisoner Of Love has a slightly lighter sound and mood. Also in these tracks there is a focus on the mood of the music.
It is nice to hear some electro(nic) music that is basically made to listen to, not to dance to. Too many people aim at the dancefloor nowadays. Due to the wonderful sounds and melodies this EP is one to enjoy while relaxing.

artist: Prisoner Of Love / Funken
label: Heckengäu
details: 12”, 6 tracks [Heckengäu 04]