/product.01 – Zero One EP + Cloned EP

/product.01 is an new UK based electro/electronic act that is working its way into the spotlights. Already a third EP is in production at this moment. Zero OneEP and Cloned EP are the first two releases. These were released on their own label. Both EP’s display the typical /product.01 sound which is energetic, dance orientated with an elektro and new wave feeling at times.

The opening track of the Zero One EPis an instant smash hit. ‘Heart Ov Glass’is a cover version of the famous Blondie song. This new interpretation sounds very fresh and modern without losing the original feeling.

’Crushproof’ is an more atmospheric track, but still suitable for the dancefloor. It reminds me a bit of the innovating dark electro by Android Lust. ‘Symbionic’ is yet another melancholic beat driven piece in the electro-break style of /product.01.

On the Cloned EP there are two versions of the track ‘Clone’. The Doppelganger Remix is somewhat more dancefloor friendly and has some vague EBM influences. ‘Diamond’ is also a nice track but less strong as the other tracks in these two EP’s.

After hearing these two EP’s I am convinced /product.01 will become an act to keep an eye out for. They have a style of their own, and this style will appeal both to electro people as more general mainstream dance music. I am on the lookout for the third release…

artist: /product.01
label: product.01
details: 12”, 3 tracks [PROD1201] / 12”, 3 tracks [PROD1201]