Projekt Thule – Blacksun rising

This release probably aroused extra attention because Douglas P. of Death in June lend his voice to two tracks. But apart from that this ambient project of Evelyn E. Overholser from Portland is also interesting. There are ten tracks on this third Projekt Thule album (the other two being unknown to me), which for a large part contain calm meditative soundscapes based on loops and drones, with a few more experimental, ritual compositions.

Especially the slow, almost neo-classical tracks like ‘Blue cornflower’ and ‘The language of vril’ are a pleasure to listen to, I really feel like lying back and be carried away by the soothing ‘natural’ waves of sound. In the bio references are made to the more relaxing moments of Coil and Endura, which is not so strange considering the organic ambient music with a meditative feel on this album. Looking at the titles and bandname Projekt Thule has an interest in occult and Germanic traditions, but the album does not sound bombastic or teutonic.

The two tracks with Douglas P., ‘The hooded master’ and ‘Blue, silver, gold’, are the most deviating tracks: repetitive ritual pieces, with words repeated like mantras. ‘The hooded master’ sounds rather militant. Furthermore most tracks on this nice album are calm soundscapes, except for the rather dense, industrial sounding ‘Triple auras/time travelling’ and the heavy drone-based ‘Blacksun rising’.

Distributed in Europe by Tesco Germany; in North America by Tesco USA and Middle Pillar.

artist: Projekt Thule
label: self-released
details: 10 tracks, 53 min.