Promonium Jesters – the promonium ep

This band with the strange name has released a demo, with 6 tracks in less than 20 minutes. The Promonium Jesters make aggressive electronic music, combined with heavy guitar sounds, distorted vocals and strange samples. According to their website, the band already has made 8 demos and done various live shows since 1996. After a vague untitled intro track, with strange samples and sounds, comes a very loud cyber-industrial crossover track, appropriately entitled ‘Hard’, with fast heavy beats and distorted singing. The next song with the mysterious titel ‘Wangbuster 420’ is more midtempo, but has a energetic refrain. On song number 4 the drum machine is working very hard, with very fast beats at times. This is probably my favourite track on this cd, a varied composition and a lot of power, good dancefloor food. Songs no. 5 is sort of a weird soundscape, with freaky beats and samples. The final track, ‘Killing Floor’, is a slow, weird instrumental piece. All in all the Promonium Jesters have made an interesting cd. Rivetheads will be pleased by the fast and dynamic electro tracks, and at the same time the band shows not too be afraid of taking risks, by including a few more experimental pieces.

artist: Promonium Jesters
label: self-released