Promonium Jesters – Time and Place

A few years ago I heard a demo by the Promonium Jesters from Canada. The main thing I can remember is that it was quite loud, heavy guitars with aggressive electronic music and some weird elements. This 11-track debut (?) album contains some songs of that previous demo and has a similar crossover style. Driving guitars, harsh electronics, shouted vocals. ‘Strange’ reminds me of Marilyn Manson, mostly because of the vocals. The overall sound is more electronic though, with some danceable EBM-beats as the song evolves. A few tracks are quite catchy, like ‘Deepdownslavaryhounds’. The music on “Time and Place” is not really my cup of tea, but probably of interest for lovers of energetic dark cyberpunk crossover with a distorted twist.

artist: Promonium Jesters
label: self-released