Prospero – Spreading the infection

Prospero is a Toronto based industrial dj and the man behind Spreading The Infection is his first release (after a limited CDR in 2003) and to most people this will be the first they ever hear from him, though he has contributed tracks to several compilations allready.

On this 2CD set Prospero presents many musical styles to the listener. Industrial is what it all counts up to, but the parts are noise, EBM, ambient, trance, drum & bass, and many more. They all seem to fit into the musical tracks and together are responsible for the dark undertone of this album. The variety of styles somehow blends into a style that defines Prospero. A style that is much to my liking indeed. No way to describe the style in short everything I think of falls short, from dark drum & noise to EBM soundscapes, they just don’t fit.

But just creating a 2CD album out of nothing, clearly was not enough for Prospero. So he also went out to friends with his tracks and had some remixed by people many will know, like This Morn Omina, Nerve Filter, Displacer, Converter, to name a few. And indeed the tracks came out strong. The originals aren’t on the album anymore, so no way to compare them, but the remixes that made it onto the album do taste like more.

An old concept, that we don’t encounter that much anymore, also made it to this album: the collaboration. Four of the tracks on this album were co-created with other acts. Especially listen to “Co:man:d” that was created with Converter, Manufactura, Displacer and S:cage and which came out as the best track on this album, but also check out “Let The Planet Burn” (collaboration with Battery Cage) and “Broadcast of The Coming Dawn” (collaboration with Pneumatic Death).

So overall, a great album that all industrial fans should buy.

artist: Prospero
label: Brume Records
details: 2004, 2CD, 22 tracks [SubBrume 01]