Protocol Novikov / Laufeyiar Sonr / Foundation Hope – Tuchtunie

The small Dutch underground label Tuchtunie came to my attention before with a couple of interesting cd-r releases somewhere on the border of dirty industrial and experimental soundscapes. On this labelsampler three different acts can be found, that each contributed three tracks.

Protocol Novikov is a new name for me. The music of this project has a nice unheimisch atmosphere, with a cold Siberian feeling, reminding of November Növelet. ‘Incident’ builds up a lot of tension with staccato muffled drums, bleak soundlayers, distorted frequencies. ‘Lo fi receiver is a fitting title for the obscure sonic experiments, spacy sound, dark rumblings and little noises. After a minute or two you’re suddenly blisted out of your chair by a harsh powernoise attack. Direct and in your face. ‘Prototyp.E’ continues in a slower pace but in the same cold mechanical manner.

Next up are three tracks by Laufeyiar Sonr, of which I reviewed 2 cdr’s before. ‘Through the burren’ is a nice mixture of classical ambient layers and darker electronic sounds with mysterious speech samples. ‘The trickster strikes’ starts as a slow minimal electronic piece, to which soon repetitive rhythms are added, which are build up on top of each other. Gradually more elements are added, like ambient layers and choral samples. The track has an interesting structure, but its promises are not completely fulfilled. It is followed by ‘Grimhild’, which I consider as the finest creation of Laufeyiar Sonr. A dirty electronic background in the best Galakthorrö tradition, on top of which exciting things happen with rhythms, samples ands choirs.

The third Tuchtunie act presented here is Foundation Hope. This project will soon release its offical debut album A Call to all Redeemers on the French label Divine Comedy Records. Compared through the other two acts on this disc, the musical idiom of Foundation Hope is more tranquil and subtle, with nice filmic, atmospheric soundscapes. ‘Sel contre Tous’ is a slow ambient piece adorned with French monologue. Music which gets you quiet. ‘The Shadows of Solace’ is a great piece full of tension, with a glacial feel and sparse but intense percussion. The last piece ‘To all our empty fields’ continues in this vein, good soundtrack music for a dramatic (though somewhat experimental) chilling polar movie.

A rewarding introduction to these three acts of the Tuchtunie clan. Good to hear that interesting things are going on in the Dutch electronic underground. This cd-r can be ordered for 10 euro (incl. worldwide postage), if interested just send an e-mail.

artist: Protocol Novikov
label: Tuchtunie
details: cdr, 9 tracks, 2004