Pseudo Code – Licht

Pseudo Code was a Belgian band that was active in the early 80’s. The band had a link with Bene Gesserit and their music is somewhat in the same style. Musically Pseudo Code was, just like Bene Gesserit, an experimental/minimal pop band with a sound dominated by electronics.

The tracks featured on this EP are a small collection coming from various sources. One track is taken from the Europa LP, two others from a cassette release and two are previous unreleased. Especially ‘Waiting for Zorro’ will please some people. It is probably one of the best tracks by the band. It has a hammering rhythm, is very minimalistic and has a punk touch to it.

Also nice are the playful and poppy ‘Could it be a hit?’ and the equally playful but weirder ‘She’s got blue eyes (wow)’. These tracks make Light a must have for collector’s of early 80’s music.

artist: Pseudo Code
label: WSDP (Was Soll Das? Schallplatten)
details: 10”, 5 tracks [WSDP106]