Psicodreamics – Eternal Angel

Psichodreamics is an ambient project from Salva Moreno. The music is completely made with keyboards and computer. A few voices are added, but the music is mostly instrumental. The bandname, the albumtitle and the cover image gave me the suspicion that this could be new age muzak. But my fear was unjustified, I find this music actually quite beautiful and certainly not superficial.

The title track is a nice orchestral piece, which floats around you. It is light, but touching. ‘Descensus averni’ is carried by some ritual percussion, engulfed by soft synthetic layers of sound, later adorned by sweet bells and some choral voices. It is a good thing that various songs, like ‘Die sweet for an angel’ have rhythmic elements, to ensure variety and holding your attention. Though this album promises to take you to both heaven and hell, I have the feeling that the sweet angelic side is more dominant. There is one track that I really don’t like: ‘Cherubin dance’, with a synthetic guitar which reminds me of the wost elevator muzak.

Psichodreamics offers us angelic, moving compositions. Relaxing ethereal ambient music. Music for dreamers. After an hour though everything gets perhaps a little too lush and sweet. Or do I get tired of heaven too quickly?

artist: Psicodreamics
label: Witches on the Radiowaves
details: 12 tracks