Psychonaut – Stealing the fire from heaven

Recently I received a promo cassette from Psychonaut, a band from Houston, USA. They hope to release this album (their fourth) “Stealing the fire from heaven” in early 2001. The band was founded in 1998 as a side project of the dark-industrial band Valefor. As the bands says itself, ‘Psychonaut differs from Valefor in the instance that the band is not dark-death industrial based, however more ritualistic molding with dark dance musick.” I knew Psychonaut already from the compilations “Power of a new Aeon” and ‘Immortal Legends”, to which they contributed some weird dark ambient pieces.

Their new album is a bit different: although it still contains strange electronics and soundscapish pieces, it also has tracks with more emphasis on ritual monotonous beats and spoken/whispered vocals, a bit like Mother Destruction sometimes. Not easy to digest, but interesting stuff.

artist: Psychonaut
label: self-released